Oregon, Addiction and Drug Rehab

The drug problem in Oregon is quite frightening. The state ranks number one in the United States for use of non-medical painkillers such as OxyContin and Vicodin, and this is among young people between 18 and 25 years old. Oregon also ranks number one for illegal drug use (not including marijuana) of those 26 years old and older. It has also been found that eighth graders drink alcohol and use illicit drugs in numbers that exceed the national average by double.

With this knowledge, parents have a right to worry about their children. False information travels fast among peers, and kids are encouraged to try drugs or drink alcohol to “be cool” or “feel great.” It is a “fad” that has dire consequences and one that must be addressed.

The Major Drug Threats in Oregon

Drugs are readily available in Oregon. The state is a hub of drug transport shipments to Washington and further north into Canada. There are a growing number of methamphetamine labs locally which make meth simple to purchase on the street.

Meth is the most prevalent drug used in Oregon with heroin close behind. Some types of heroin are smuggled in from Mexico, particularly what is known as Mexican black tar heroin. Brown heroin is another type of heroin found in the state.

Other Drugs Abused in Oregon

Club drugs are found in major cities and on campuses around Oregon. Cocaine is not really one of the major drugs used in the state, but there are definitely those addicted to it who are struggling in their lives.

Marijuana is easy to obtain and is used widely throughout the state. Ask any addict who has a long list of drugs in his history and you will commonly find they began their addiction by the use of marijuana. Many go into a drug rehab due to an addiction to this drug.

Those who go into drug rehab go in due to addiction to the following drugs. These are placed in order of highest to lowest numbers of admissions.

* Marijuana
* Stimulants
* Heroin
* Other opiates
* Cocaine

Finding Effective and Lasting Recovery from Addiction in Oregon

People die from drug and alcohol addiction. Of course, addicts or their families are aware of the dangers and try and find effective rehab centers who can provide lasting recovery. However, many addicts that have tried numerous drug rehabilitation programs but didn’t find success in staying clean. There have been addicts who have gone to as many as eight rehabs trying to come off drugs permanently with no success. The solution is to find a program with a very high success rate – one that tracks those who finish the program to ensure they have success.  There are programs out there like that. Call us and we will help you find the right one.