Oklahoma Has Its Work Cut Out in Fighting Painkiller Abuse

Every state in the country is dealing with surging abuse of opiate painkillers, but Oklahoma has even more work to do than most in fighting back. That is because Oklahoma is now the number one state for illegal use of pain relievers in order to get high.

Doctors in Oklahoma have been giving out hundreds of thousands of prescriptions of opiate painkiller prescriptions for years. These painkillers were originally designed to treat the pain suffered by patients that were nearing the ends of their lives due to late-stage cancer or AIDS. Over the last few decades, however, doctors have begun prescribing them for nearly any condition that involves a patient being in pain.

When you even have dentists prescribing Vicodin for the pain after a routine root canal, you know that opiate use in Oklahoma is out of control. These drugs can quickly lead to dependence and addiction even when patients follow their doctors’ instructions exactly. Making the problem even worse, many patients do not follow their doctors’ orders.

The urge to start “self-medicating” by taking more than your doctor’s prescribed amount can be very strong, and before the patient knows it, he is abusing his opiate painkiller instead of taking it as a medicine. In order to lower the rate of opiate abuse in Oklahoma, we have to recognize that it can only be addressed one person at a time.

“Solutions” That Make the Problem Worse

Everyone that has been affected by the spread of painkiller abuse needs and wants a solution, but some of the ideas being proposed will only make the problem worse. For example, some doctors are starting to recommend that opiate abusers smoke marijuana instead.

The warped logic here seems to be that instead of using one drug that harms your body, that you should use a different dangerous drug instead. Marijuana may not cause fatal overdoses, but it is still responsible for contributing to lung cancer and dangerous brain abnormalities.

Asking drug users to substitute a different drug for the one that they are addicted to is a policy that is bound to lead to failure. Similar to asking heroin addicts to use methadone, you are just substituting one addictive drug for another. True rehabilitation from drug abuse only occurs when you help an addict stop using all drugs. If you just have an addict switch between drugs, he will never be free from a lifestyle of abuse.

Real Rehabilitation Help is Available

It’s time to help Oklahoma residents get real help by escaping from the cycle of drug abuse completely. In a world with so much confusion about how drug abuse works and what can be done to address it, Solution to Addiction is here to help you find the right path to rehabilitation. Call 1-800-343-0892 in order to talk to a rehabilitation center specialist. Solution to Addiction will examine your individual situation and help you pick a center that is going to be perfect for helping you or your loved one get off drugs forever.