North Carolina Addiction and Drug Rehab

According to statistics for North Carolina on the White House profile page, about 8 percent of the state’s residents have used illegal drugs within the past month from the time of survey. Although the same as the national average, this percentage indicates far too many people are trying out illicit drugs. Experimenting with drugs at any age can lead to addiction and to a life ruined.

From 2007 to 2009, the number of meth lab seizures increased. There is no sign it has slowed in the last four years. Do parents need to worry that their children will become swept up in the storm of addiction that spreads around the country and includes North Carolina? The answer is most certainly “yes!” With so many drug-related deaths in the state, parents should be aware that the untimely demise of an addict is not something rare. There were 1,125 deaths as a direct consequence of drug use in 2007.

The Major Drug Threats in North Carolina

Cocaine is a popular drug in North Carolina. The interstate highways that run through the state are used by couriers as they ship drugs northward. In both large cities and rural towns, crack cocaine can readily be obtained.

As methamphetamine becomes more and more popular in the state, local law enforcement find more and more meth labs, particularly around Greensboro. Traffickers look for those who know how to make meth so they can distribute the drug and make their profits.

Marijuana is abundantly available in North Carolina, brought in by Mexican and local traffickers. Most of the marijuana found in the state has been smuggled in from Mexico.

Other Drugs Abused in North Carolina

There is not a huge market for heroin in North Carolina. However there are still those who use heroin and those who distribute it in the larger cities. Club drugs are used mainly by the college kids. The most popular club drugs are Ecstasy, GHB and LSD.

In North Carolina, those who are admitted into rehab go in looking for recovery from the following drugs (in order from highest to lowest numbers of admissions):

* Marijuana
* Cocaine
* Other opiates
* Heroin
* Stimulants

Finding Effective and Lasting Recovery from Addiction in North Carolina

With drugs so easily obtained in North Carolina, it makes it too easy for addicts to chase the high they so desperately “need.” As addiction runs their lives, they spiral downward and things go out of control. The cravings drive them and they begin to have no hope of ever finding lasting recovery and a drug-free life. However, there are successful drug rehab facilities that have a high rate of providing lasting recovery. Let us help you find the one right for you or your loved one. Call today 1-800-343-0892.