New York’s Drug Problem Isn’t Going Away

Washington DC may be the capital of the United States, but New York arguably has the capital of western culture in New York City. Other cities in North and South America can claim to have had an impact on art, finance or entertainment, but no one can combine all the touchstones of modern American civilization like New York can.

The entire state is proud of this world-leading status, and it is the result of major achievements in nearly every area of human undertaking. While the residents of New York have every right to be proud of these achievements, they also must acknowledge that New York also has major problems to overcome.

One of the biggest problems in New York is its current status as a leader in many categories of drug use. For example, according to the New York Drug Control Update, a government report that tracks drug use trends across the state, New York was one of the top ten states for cocaine use among residents 12 or older. It was also one of the top ten states for dependence on any illegal drug among those that were 12 and older.
Of all New York residents, 9.82% report that they use drugs on a monthly basis. This means that across the state, almost one in ten people use illegal drugs. This is higher than the national average, and it is a concerning stat that needs to change.

Drug Cartels Go to Great Lengths to Import Drugs

Substance abuse doesn’t just magically happen. Getting New Yorkers addicted to drugs is a carefully planned out and executed mission of certain criminal organizations. Where normal Americans see a tragedy when a young person gets hooked on drugs, drug cartels only see dollar signs. They will do almost anything to get drugs into the United States and into the hands of anyone that is foolish enough to take them.

One recent example of this phenomenon in New York was the case of officers on a ship of the Spanish Navy. These officers smuggled $2.5 million worth of cocaine onto the ship and hid it before a trip to New York. When they arrived in New York City they only managed to move a few kilograms off the ship before their drug cartel connections in the city were captured. The officers were themselves discovered with even more cocaine when they made it back to Spain.

While this situation was out of the ordinary, it was just one more example of how hard drug smugglers will work to get drugs into our communities.

Helping Everyone in Your Community Conquer Drug Addiction

One of the best ways to handle drug addiction is to prevent it from happening in the first place. If you can educate someone into not ever beginning to use drugs, you’ve already won. In many cases, however, someone you know may get addicted to drugs whether you like it or not. In those cases, you need to call Solution to Addiction at 1-800-343-0892. Trained addiction counselors are standing by to help you find the perfect rehabilitation solution for your loved one.

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