New Mexico – A Hotbed of Addiction

Every state wants to stand out in front as a national leader in some respect, unless the category in question is drug abuse. It’s unfortunate, but New Mexico now has the dubious distinction of leading the country in several categories of drug abuse. It’s not surprising that one of the most famous TV shows in recent memory, Breaking Bad, was set in New Mexico. It centered around the production and sale of meth, and New Mexico is a hotbed not only for creating meth, but for using it, too.

According to the White House’s New Mexico Drug Control Update, the state leads the country in the number of people aged 12 or older that are dependent on an illicit drug. Almost one in ten residents of the state are getting high on a regular basis, and the drugs they are using to do so are alarming. Not content to just smoke weed, the residents of New Mexico are also using large quantities of cocaine and meth, and the results are plain.

More people die in New Mexico from drug use than from auto accidents or firearms. The rate of drug-induced deaths is about 24 people out of every 100,000. This is almost twice the national average. There is an answer, however. The residents of New Mexico need effective drug rehabilitation, and they need it now.

Rehab Is the Answer

Drug use is often a response to unwanted conditions in life, but it has the ironic and terrible effect of actually aggravating and increasing the effects that users are trying to eliminate. For example, some addicts begin using drugs because they feel depressed and they think drugs can make them happy. It is a cruel joke when drugs end up making these users feel even worse than before.

Others think that taking stimulants like speed or cocaine will help them achieve success in school or business. They often don’t realize what went wrong when they find themselves crashing and burning.

Solution to Addiction exists to help these addicts (and every other type) to find an effective rehab center. Every drug user is different, so you need an individualized program that will work right for you. It can take some hard work, but rehab is the answer for getting free from a life of abuse.

New Drugs in New Mexico Means New Crackdowns

One of the newest drugs to show up and harm lives in New Mexico are the so-called “synthetic” drugs. These are lab-created drugs designed to mimic the effects of other drugs, such as marijuana. The Drug Enforcement Agency recently cracked down on synthetic drug sellers in New Mexico and many other states in order to try to get these substances off the streets.

No matter how many raids the police or the DEA perform, however, the real answer to solving drug addiction throughout the state is to provide effective, caring drug rehabilitation to every single person that needs it. If you are in need of help (or have a loved one that does) call Solution to Addiction at 1-800-343-0892.