New Jersey Continues to Suffer From Drug Abuse

Over the years, New Jersey has gained an unsavory reputation as a home for mafia gangsters and the drugs that they run into nearby New York City. Whether that reputation is completely earned or not, no one can deny that New Jersey has a drug problem.

The state has continued to suffer from widespread drug abuse for decades. While other areas of the country contain people primarily addicted to less dangerous drugs such as marijuana, the top abused drug in New Jersey is heroin. This powerful opiate drug is one of the worst you could possibly get addicted to. You can become dependent on it within a few uses, and its primary effect on the human body is to act as a nervous system depressant.

That means that when you take heroin, it slows down the rate at which you breathe and the rate at which your heart beats. If you take too much heroin all at once, it is called an overdose and your breathing and heart rate will slow so much that you die. According to the most recent New Jersey Drug Control Update, in one year 797 people died in New Jersey as a result of overdoses and other consequences of drug use. This is far more than the 719 people that died from car accidents or the 446 that died from firearms.

Obviously, New Jersey has a major drug problem, and it will take hard work to resolve this most disastrous situation.

Stopping Drug Use Will Take More Than Politics

Politicians in New Jersey may be happy to claim they will battle drug use, but actually turning addiction trends around will take more than a lot of political hot air. Part of the reason that heroin use continues to spread throughout the state has nothing to do with laws, after all.

The major reason that heroin is becoming so popular around the country is because opiate painkillers (that are treated as medicines) have spread as an easily abusable narcotic. With these medicinal drugs not likely to become illegal any time soon, having politicians in New Jersey talk about taking “stances” against drug use will do nothing to actually combat it. These pain killers become expensive and more and more users turn to heroin, purchased on the street and sometimes cut (mixed) with other dangerous substances.

Helping Addicts Get Off Drugs with Real Solutions

The only real way to help addicts get off the drugs they are addicted to is by finding effective rehab centers. If you are addicted to heroin (or to any other drug), you can’t just be treated as part of an overall statistic. You need a rehab center that will treat you as an individual and that will find holistic and healthy ways to get you off drugs for good.

Solution to Addiction is the resource that can help you do just that. By calling 1-800-343-0892, you will be connected with a rehabilitation center specialist that can help you figure out what the right facility is for you. Whether it is in New Jersey or another nearby state, Solution to Addiction is committed to finding the rehab that will care about you and help you start getting clean today.