Drug Use in Montana is Higher than the National Average

When it comes to drug use, public perception doesn’t always match public fact. Montana is known as the Big Sky State, a land of wide-open country and honest, hard-working ranchers and farmers, but it also has a serious drug problem – and it is only getting worse. Not everyone knows about this growing drug epidemic, and widespread ignorance can be partially to blame for the problem not getting handled.

According to a US government report, more than one in ten Montana residents use drugs on a monthly basis. At 10.02% of all citizens reporting past-month drug use, Montana has a lot of work to do to get below the 8.02% average number of residents using drugs across the rest of the nation. If they don’t know what drugs are being abused and who is abusing them, however, there is no way to turn this statistic around.

For example, many residents might think that “hard” drugs like heroin or cocaine are the main ones abused. The truth is that Montana residents cite marijuana as the main drug for which they enter drug rehab treatment. There are still other serious concerns, as well. Prescription opioid painkillers and stimulants such as methamphetamine are also incredibly popular. These drugs are responsible for 132 people dying from drug overdoses in 2007, comparable to the number of people that died from firearms.

Local drugs are spreading through the state

It’s important to understand that the most popular drugs in Montana are locally grown or made in residents’ own homes. Prescription painkillers can be purchased legally and then administered in illegal ways to get high. If we think that the only drugs to worry about are the ones created outside the country and brought in my illegal drug cartels, we won’t be able to handle the drugs that are harming Montana residents the most.

Montana residents don’t want to live in a state full of drug users. They deserve to live in a state of sober residents that are free to follow their goals and dreams without the restraints that come about because of rampant drug addiction. Even the most widely available and legal drug – alcohol – is responsible for many injuries and deaths. Police in Missoula have gone so far as to say that they believe it’s “common sense” that Montana residents will be drinking and driving. When the problem has become that bad, you know it has gone way too far.

Helping everyone in Montana free themselves from drugs

Drug addiction in Montana may seem to have become commonplace, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. If residents can get effective rehab, they can get off drugs and start leading the lives they want to. Solution to Addiction is here to make that happen. If you want to figure out how to stop using drugs and how to get into a rehab that can actually help, then call 1-800-343-0892. Solution to Addition can help you find the choice that is right for you: the choice that leads to lasting sobriety.