Louisiana – Port of Call for Drug Use

Despite its rich history in the southern United States, Louisiana also has an unsavory reputation for the crime and rampant drug use that exist within some of its most famous cities. Among these, New Orleans has some of the worst crime in the country, and drugs have a lot to do with causing it.

Most of the plant-based drugs that are used in the United States are not actually produced here. Cocaine, for example, is produced from the coca plant that grows in many of the mountainous areas of South America. The United States is the biggest user of this drug, so cartels have to find ways to transport it across our borders. For the western United States, the main route is land-based and passes through Mexico. For southern states like Louisiana, ocean routes through the Caribbean are often utilized.

These routes need ports to enter through, so New Orleans sees tons of cocaine and marijuana passing through every year. It’s no wonder that both of these drugs are used by more citizens of Louisiana than anything else. When such a huge quantity of these drugs are passing through, it makes sense that drug cartels want to make as much profit as fast as possible, and that leads to Louisiana being flooded with drugs.

Other Drugs Continue to Spread

While marijuana and cocaine are used by more Louisiana citizens than any other drug, that doesn’t mean they’re the only drugs used by any means. A man and a woman were recently arrested in Thibodaux after police found the pair packaging and preparing to distribute methamphetamine and prescription drugs from a motel room.

This incident illustrates a concerning trend that has continued to spread throughout the state. Meth is an incredibly dangerous stimulant that can be manufactured at home, but more and more often it is also being created in and sold from motels. Instead of having a long-term operation that alerts neighbors to its presence, criminals have realized that they can have a “pop up” lab that can be quickly dismantled and moved after only a few days. Law enforcement has to work harder than ever to shut these labs down.

How to Stop Drug Use in Your Own Life

If you know someone that is addicted to drugs, or if you have begun using them yourself, it can seem like you’re out of options. Trying to quit on your own can seem impossible, and looking for help at a rehab center can result in being told that you’ll “always” be an addict.

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