Indianapolis and Drug Abuse

Indianapolis is the capital city of Indiana, sitting within Marion County and having a population of 829,718 in 2010. Indianapolis has grown since 2009 when the population was 807,584. This lovely city is the 12th largest in the U.S.

Unfortunately the dark side of Indianapolis is the drug problem. It is an active drug transport and distribution hub, with airlines and highways acting as the main conduit. Autos, trucks and buses bring drugs to the city’s dealers and addicts.

The main drugs of concern in Indianapolis are cocaine, marijuana, meth and club drugs. Heroin is not the major problem in the state, but abusers are usually quite young.

In Indianapolis there are approximately 4,243 people who are locked up in jails, prisons and other correctional institutes. There are around 234 people who are in halfway houses or homes for drug or alcohol abuse, and 34 people in hospitals for recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.

With so many drug rehab centers in Indianapolis, it is almost impossible, at the least extremely time-consuming, to search for the right drug rehab treatment center in Indianapolis. Getting a drug rehab referral service can avoid the time and hassle. We can help you find the right rehab, one that has the highest record of providing lasting recovery. We want to help you prevent relapse and achieve a life of happiness and productivity. Below is a list of only a few rehabilitation centers for drug and alcohol abuse in the city.

Indiana Drug Rehabilitation Centers:

  • 2nd Chance Ministries Inc.
  • Agape Counseling and Human Services
  • Alpha Counseling Services Inc.
  • Alpha Resources Inc.
  • Aspire IN Inc.
  • Bethlehem House
  • Community Hospitals of Indiana Inc.
  • Cummins Behavioral Health Systems Inc.
  • EmberWood Center
  • Fairbanks Hospital
  • Fallcreek Counseling Services Inc.
  • Families First
  • Franciscan Saint Francis Health
  • Gallahue Mental Health Center
  • Gallahue Mental Health Center
  • God’s Grace Community Church Inc.
  • Indianapolis Counseling Center LLC
  • Indianapolis Treatment Center LLC
  • Indy Cottage Counseling LLC
  • Life Recovery Center
  • Life Recovery East
  • Midtown Community Mental Health Center
  • Midwest Counseling Associates
  • Roudebush VA Medical Center
  • Salvation Army Harbor Light Center
  • Springtime Counseling Center Inc.
  • Take Back Control LLC
  • Volunteers of America of Indiana Inc.