Illinois Drug Abuse and Addiction

One of the largest problems in Illinois is drug abuse and addiction. Families are devastated, kids ruin their lives and dreams come to an end. Drug addiction is nothing to play around with. It takes professional assistance to eliminate it from a life. For an addict, the cravings and lifestyle they create makes for a depressing existence. He or she does not really register what is happening until it is too late. Anyone in Illinois can get effective help, and find that recovery is really possible. They don’t have to be considered an addict for the rest of their lives like many drug rehab programs proclaim.

The most recent survey, conducted in 2007 by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, showed that a little over 7 percent of Illinois residents had used illicit drugs in the last month from the point surveyed. Approximately 3 percent had used a drug other than marijuana. This percentage is far too high. It should be zero! Abuse leads to addiction, and it is a horrible existence and one difficult to pull out of.

The largest amount of substance abuse comes from the Chicago area. The primary drugs abused are heroin, crack cocaine and marijuana. Of course, alcohol addiction cannot be discounted. This is also a large threat. The results of this abuse and addiction show up in the crime and death statistics of the state. Based on earlier figures it is estimated that there will be more than 59,000 DUIs in Illinois in this year, and that more than 700 people will die as a result of intoxicated driving and an additional 700 deaths from illicit drug use. The fact is, about 5 percent of all deaths in Illinois come either directly or indirectly from drug and alcohol abuse.

Drugs are imported into Chicago primarily, and shipped to other locations around the state and throughout the Midwest. They also move to the East Coast states. Gang members in the city are responsible for much of the drug distribution and sales. They run the trade going day and night of cocaine, heroin and marijuana. And it isn’t just the inner city. Drugs have moved to the suburbs as well.

So with all this bad news, what is the bright spot? One bright spot is that many do receive addiction treatment. According to the 2007 statistics, thousands went into treatment for heroin addiction treatment, more than 33,000. That is a frightening figure only when you consider that this is only a small part of the population who is addicted. However, the amount of people actually getting treatment is good, because it means, we hope, that they fully recover and become valuable members of the community once again.

Unfortunately, many addicts go through recovery only to relapse later. This is why it is so vital to find a rehab treatment center with an extremely high success rate at achieving lasting recovery. They are out there. Call us and we will help you find the right drug rehab center for you or your loved one.