Florida Drug and Alcohol Addiction

In Florida, drug and alcohol addiction are prevalent, just like every other state in the United States. No state seems to be exempt to drug use and abuse. And in Florida, like other states around the country, younger and younger kids are getting caught up in illicit drug use. It is a state of affairs that must be addressed and is – however not very effectively.

Drug Cartels Bring in Drugs

Mexican drug cartels transport drugs into Florida, mainly large quantities of methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin and marijuana. With drugs so available, it makes it very difficult for addicts to get off and stay off drugs. It is so easy for the person to just go out and find the drugs he feels he needs.

Mexican criminals bring in black tar heroin, dangerous because it is often cut with very toxic chemicals. They also bring in meth, having it made in Mexican Superlabs and distributed within the U.S. including Florida.

Alcohol is a Problem in Florida

Of course, alcohol is also a terrible thing to become addicted to, because you can buy alcohol just about whenever you want. Alcoholics number higher than drug addicts and create havoc in our society. Many automobile accidents, injuries and deaths stem from alcoholics driving while drunk or intoxicated. Alcohol creates serious ill health and can kill a person eventually.

In Summary

The abuse of illegal drugs in Florida is about even with the national average, which only says that the problem needs desperately to be addressed. The drug-induced deaths are, however, higher than the national average. This speaks of more serious problems and calls for urgent handling of Florida’s drug problem.

Although there are many drug rehab facilities in Florida, they are not all perfect places to send your loved one. Somehow drug rehab has become “big business” in Florida, often illustrated by ads in all U.S. States which make a person think the facility is in their state, only to find out they are talking to someone in Florida. It is wise to have someone you trust screen the places you choose, someone who is an advocate for your well-being.

Solution to Addiction works for no organization. We are advocates for you and finding you the best fit for drug rehab for you or your loved one. We favor holistic centers, avoiding drug replacement therapy and having careful medication management.

Let us screen the facilities you are researching. This is your loved one’s life, after all. You can’t be too careful. Call us today: 1-800-343-0892