At most drug rehab centers, detoxification is considered the withdrawal process. However, here we are looking at a different type of detoxification. This detox comes after withdrawal and the person is not currently using any drugs and has made it past the most severe symptoms of withdrawing. The body has been through the mill in an addicted lifestyle. It is time to cleanse it of drug residues and toxins, enabling the recovering addict to again think clearly and get a new outlook on life.

The Revolving Door of Many Rehab Treatment Programs

Too many rehab programs are just a revolving door. The person enters and leaves not taking drugs or alcohol, but soon returns because he relapsed. Unfortunately, a lot of the rehab centers out there also consider that relapse is part of the recovery process. Be assured, relapse is NOT part of recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. If the person goes through an effective program, he or she does not have to relapse. Drug rehab should not be an endless cycle.

The residues of a number of different drugs are known to accumulate in the body. They are retained in the fatty tissues of the body and are very evident in those who have used hard-core drugs for long periods. Some of the residual drugs that have been found stored within the body are cocaine, Valium, marijuana, LSD and PCP.

Drug Residues Associated with Triggering Drug Cravings

Studies have shown that there is a relation between accumulated drug residues and addiction. When these residues become mobilized in the blood, they have been associated with drug cravings. This is the reason that some will finish a drug rehab treatment, think they are now free of drugs in their lives, but then one day walking down the street they are overcome with cravings for the drug of choice. This can well be the end of their sobriety.

There are unique detoxification programs being run today that flush these toxic residues from the system, thereby greatly reducing or even eliminating drug cravings. This detox uses a combination of exercise (to get these residues released into the blood stream), sauna time (to sweat out the released toxins) and nutritional supplements (to replace missing nutrients as well as strengthen the body to tolerate this elimination). This is a rough description but should suffice in basically outlining this type of detoxification. It must be closely supervised as the entire process must be kept well in balance.

Eliminating Drug Residues and Finding Lasting Recovery

Because symptoms that are associated with drug use linger for a long time, even years, after someone has stopped using drugs, it is important to detox the body and get rid of foreign compounds that have lodged in the tissues. Doing a type of detoxification that will permit the elimination of these poisonous substances really makes a huge difference in the health and well-being of a recovering addict.

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