Detoxification – an Important Step in Lasting Recovery

Many rehabilitation facilities consider detoxification and withdrawal the same. Others refer to withdrawal only and then send the recovering addict on to get one-on-one counseling or other options for treatment. Many times detoxification refers to medical detox, and not everyone needs a medical detox. Some people, who are addicted to alcohol and opiates, and those who want to get off of methadone, need a medical detox. The symptoms of withdrawal can be extremely dangerous with these substances. A medical detox under the care of a doctor is needed so the person can be brought through safely.

Rapid detox has been used in the past, and this is a method that is not being used anymore to any extent. The reason is that it has proven to be very dangerous and some have died when doing a rapid detox. This is not the answer to lasting recovery.

Drug Residues Cause Problems

There are those who have already tried a rehabilitation program (or more than one) and didn’t find success. They will tell you how those cravings returned, and the next thing you know, they were taking drugs or alcohol again. Although there are a number of factors involved when experiencing cravings, a principle cause of drug cravings returning is the fact that drug residues have been stored within the body.

Drug residues remain in the tissues of the body and if not flushed out can cause many problems. Stored residual drugs get released into the blood stream from the fatty tissues when fat is burned. These accumulated toxins cause confused thinking, fatigue and irrational behavior. This release of drug residues can also result in drug cravings being triggered, even years after coming off drugs.

Working to Prevent an Addict from Relapsing

Overcoming the physical and mental cravings for drugs and alcohol is the main challenge for any addict. Whether a person has a cocaine addiction, meth addiction, uses heroin or drinks heavily, they know (and their family knows) what these cravings do to their life. It is imperative to find an effective drug rehab that will do everything necessary to give them the best chance at a life where they are no longer driven by these cravings.

An addict needs an effective heroin, cocaine, alcohol or meth detox to rid their body of these drug residues. This kind of detoxification can greatly alleviate the uncontrollable urges to use drugs and alcohol and prevent an addict from falling back into the trap of substance abuse.

Find the Effective Detoxification Program

Effective treatment for meth addicts, heroin users, alcoholics, and cocaine habits is available. You now have the option to find lasting recovery for someone who is caught up in the devastating storm of addiction. The whole point in going through a drug rehab program is to shed a drug or alcohol habit, getting rid of it for good.

An addict needs the real chance to live without being haunted by drug cravings. He needs to be able to live a successful and happy life where dreams and goals for a fulfilling future can actually be attained.

We can help. We have a commitment to get you or your loved one out of the trap of addiction. The final objective is lasting sobriety. We can locate effective detox facilities and programs that give you the best chance for recovery. Call us for more information today at 1-800-343-0892.