Arkansas and Drug Addiction

Arkansas has a drug problem, just like any other state in the U.S., though perhaps just slightly less. Those who become addicted to drugs in Arkansas have a number of drug rehab facilities to choose from, but finding the right one can be quite a challenge.

There is a high availability of drugs in the state, with distribution occurring locally and via Mexican drug traffickers. Drug smugglers transport cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana into Arkansas.

The Greatest Drug Threats in Arkansas

One of the greatest threats to Arkansas residents is that of club drugs. These include LSD, Ketamine, Ecstasy and GHB. The most popular one of these is Ecstasy, although the dangers of this drug are extensive.

Violent crimes in Arkansas are on the increase and many of these come from the distribution and abuse of cocaine. This occurs both in the cities and in rural areas. This is a significant threat in the state, not only to the well-being of the person addicted but to innocent bystanders.

The continued rise of meth use in the region is a real worry to authorities. Meth can be produced locally and distributed close to the source of its manufacture, making it harder for drug enforcement to deal with. Due to the bad effects of addiction, a user suffers greatly and lives are destroyed as relationships deteriorate, jobs are lost and health is impaired.

Other Drug Abuse in Arkansas

Heroin does not seem to be as great a problem in Arkansas as it is in nearby states, however addicts exist and need help to come off the drug. Heroin results in many physical and mental effects that can be lasting. Not so many addicts go into treatment, but it is hard to say how many heroin users are out there in need of help.

Of course, marijuana is available in the state and is used widely. It is grown within Arkansas and transported to other states. Although there is a debate on whether marijuana is addictive or not, it certainly creates the danger of progressing to other drugs. In fact, many people enter rehab due to marijuana use and not being able to stop using it.

Finding Effective and Lasting Recovery from Addiction

There are so many addicts that have tried various drug rehabilitation programs but who have had no success and started using drugs again almost immediately upon finishing the program. In fact, some drug addicts have attempted up to seven or more rehabs, failing to stay off drugs. The real solution is a program that will give an addict the chance to recover for good. An important part of staying off drugs, besides getting through withdrawal, is having tools for life, effective knowledge to put to use in a drug-free life.