Mixing drugs with alcohol or with other medications is dangerous. Some people will combine different illicit drugs in an effort to increase the effect or counteract some negative effect. However, combing drugs can be deadly.

Medicines have warnings on the labels for a reason. They have them there to tell the consumer that certain health issues or risks can come from taking the medication with other drugs or alcohol. Sometimes results can include extreme drowsiness, headaches, loss of coordination or fainting. Vomiting can also result. In fact, if taking alcohol with some drugs, the drugs themselves become less effective.

Legal Medications

When taking over the counter drugs or prescription medications, always follow directions on the label and from the pharmacist or doctor. If the label says not to drink alcohol when taking these medicines, don’t drink. If the doctor says to avoid certain medicines when taking one kind, avoid those. There is no need to put yourself at any risk. You are trying to heal, not get worse.

Illegal Drugs

Just like legal medications mixed indiscriminately, illegal drugs taken in various combinations can be extremely harmful, if not deadly. Used with alcohol, the effects can be just as disastrous. For instance, since marijuana suppresses nausea, when combining alcohol with marijuana a person can inhibit their need to vomit with alcohol poisoning. This can result in the excess alcohol entering the bloodstream which can be fatal.

Combining certain illegal street or prescription drugs will bring on sometimes fatal consequences. Depressants and stimulants used together can be quite dangerous and unpredictable. Some people will combine a stimulant with a depressant in order to offset the depressant’s effects and so they can still function. However, in some combinations the chance of coma and death is greatly increased.

Harmful Interactions with Drugs and Alcohol

Alcohol is a depressant to the nervous system. For example, when alcohol is combined with Ecstasy, the body slows far too much and the person will experience greater drowsiness. The respiratory system can slow so much that death can result. Ecstasy is bad enough and dangerous enough by itself without adding alcohol.

Some of the symptoms experienced when mixing drugs and alcohol are the following:

>Rapid heartbeat
>Blood pressure changes
>Blood clots
>Internal bleeding
>Convulsions or seizures
>Liver damage

Any combination of drugs without a doctor’s approval is dangerous. Unsupervised combining of drugs can lead to drastic health problems or even death. If addicted to a drug and wishing to gain a higher intensity rush and thus taking another drug or alcohol to achieve that, an addict is walking on the edge.

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