With drug cartels, criminal drug organizations and dealers out there trying to make a living from selling illegal drugs, it isn’t surprising that false information about the dangers of drugs is prevalent. These drug criminals know that kids especially make prime targets for the sale of drugs. If they can be encouraged to try drugs, new habits are created and thus the dealer has a new “client.”

The false information about drugs easily spreads by word-of-mouth. How many kids begin experimenting with drugs because a friend tells them it is an easy way to feel wonderful? This same friend may also say that they know others who use these and don’t have any ill effects. The person may tell the potential user that the drug is not dangerous in any way. This is how addiction starts.

Drug Education is a Way Out of This Trap

With effective drug education, kids can learn the truth about drugs and what these substances can do to the body and mind. In this world where too many drugs are abused, it is desperately needed to have abundant information provided to young children to prepare them for an onslaught of incorrect data regarding drugs. With current budget cuts to schools and other educational institutions, drug education programs are too often discontinued. This puts our entire society at a disadvantage.

The right strategies must be incorporated to effectively educate our young. It is best if any drug education has interactive elements to keep up the interest. When kids get to contribute to any drug education sessions, they become more involved. The information needs to be easily assimilated and understood. The child, who really learns what drugs are, how they affect the body and mind and how addiction can destroy a life, will be less inclined to ever take part in drug abuse.

How Drug Education can be Drug Prevention

Professional presentations that are provided to classrooms engage the students. Oftentimes, recovered addicts talk to kids to tell them the stories of the horrors of addiction and how it affected the person’s life. This makes a large impact on children, and when asked to write their thoughts after the program is over, many say that they know they will never do drugs again.

Keeping kids off drugs will go a long way to change our culture. Right now it is filled with drug abuse, addiction and drug-related crime. We have to keep working to make the world a better place and drug education is a key place to start.

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