High school students are exposed to illicit drugs and are in danger of substance abuse and possible addiction. Those who have seen the lives destroyed from addiction know that abusing drugs should be avoided at all costs. There are parents who have seen their child incarcerated from getting involved with drug-related crime. And there are parents who have lost their child to overdose.

Surveying Kids to See Where They Stand on Substance Abuse

The National Institute of Drug Abuse has conducted surveys through the years in order to determine how many young kids get caught up in the trap of drugs and alcohol. Each year the National Substance Abuse Index supplies statistics on drug abuse for each state in the United States, including overall statistics for the country.

Monitoring the Future organization has extensively studied the behavior and attitudes of our youth, and particularly the risks and effects of substance abuse by 8th, 10th and 12th-graders. They survey thousands of kids on many aspects of life and influences. For instance, they discovered that within the age group of 13 to 14 years, these kids are in more danger of experiencing adverse outcomes when starting to experiment with drugs or alcohol.

Additionally, the following statistics were reported for 8th grade students for 2011:
(Remember that 3 percent means one student in 30)

One in eight had used inhalants
One in six had tried marijuana (1.3% used it daily)
5.2 percent of them had tried prescription amphetamines without doctor’s prescription
3.4 percent had tried tranquilizers
2.8 percent had tried hallucinogens (not LSD)
2.6 percent had tried Ecstasy
2 percent had tried Rohypnol
1.8 percent had tried cocaine (not crack cocaine)
1.7 percent had tried LSD
1.5 percent had tried crack cocaine
1.3 percent had tried methamphetamine
1.2 percent had tried heroin

A Viewpoint that Must Change

So many authorities have the view that the drug problem cannot be overcome. Many state that it is a situation that can only be contained as well as possible. However, this is defeatist. When really good drug education is available, it is ridiculous to assume it cannot be put to work to do away with kids taking illicit drugs. When a young person knows what drugs can do to the body and mind, he would no sooner take them than place his hand directly into a burning fire.

Part of the defeatist attitude of today is that a recovering addict is going to relapse and that this is just part of the process. Not so! It is not part of the recovery process at all. This is not to say it doesn’t happen, for it most certainly does. This is why someone going into a rehab program must find the right one for them. Each person is an individual. They must be addressed as an individual. They can’t be TOLD what is wrong and why they went down the path of addiction. They must find out for themselves. This is the only way they can truly change – on their own determinism. Each recovering addict needs to obtain real tools to him make it in a drug-free life and attain lasting recovery.

Need Help or Advice?

If your child or an adolescent you know is starting to experiment with drugs and you are not sure what to do – call us! We can give you advice, refer you to the best rehab that has the highest success rate in recovery for the drug your loved one is taking.

We are happy to do this, as we believe we can change this societal problem, one person at a time. We want to see our future generation do well and live happy drug-free lives. .

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