Drunk driving has been responsible for more than 9,800 deaths in 2011. About 350,000 people were injured. It seems no matter how many times figures like these are quoted there are those who still drive when drunk. This is a sad commentary on our times. It also may be a statement as to how many are actually addicted to alcohol. Alcoholics seem numb and uncaring. However, it could be that alcohol has taken over their lives and they have lost all morals and ethics.

States Increase Penalties

All states in the United States have adopted 21 as the legal drinking age. About two-thirds of these states also permit arresting officers to take the driver’s license away from those who refuse a breath test, and those that fail one. However, even though penalties increase, fines rocket higher and higher, those who are addicted to alcohol continue to drive. It seems that getting to the real problem is what can prevent drunk driving. That real problem is to help those who are alcoholics. This would reduce the problem considerably.

Obviously there are drivers that aren’t addicted to alcohol, yet still drive when intoxicated. Although there are no exact statistics on DUI offenses by those truly addicted as opposed to those who are just drinking too much and have their judgment seriously impaired, it is safe to say that alcoholics comprise enough of a percentage of those that create havoc on our highways that eliminating alcoholism will improve matters to a good degree.

Entering Rehab for an Alcohol Problem

When someone has been arrested on a DUI, he now is evaluated by a counselor to see how deep the drinking problem goes. He can be sent to Alcoholic Anonymous or a medical detox or residential rehab program. On top of all the other penalties, this can run into a lot of money. When a person enters rehab, it is most certainly important to find the best and most effective one possible. Getting sober and then relapsing just puts the person right back into the soup.

A Person Can Avoid Driving Drunk

If a person who likes to drink (whether or not an alcoholic) he or she should memorize the following items – and obey them.

>Drink within walking distance of home
>When there is public transport, take it
>Have someone assigned to stay sober and drive everyone home
>Get a cab
>Use services that will take you home after you drink too much

Drinking and driving has never been emphasized as much as it has been in the last years. The harm caused to families knows no bounds. Losing loved ones to the actions of drunk drivers is devastating. Convincing someone to avoid driving when having too much to drink is not always an easy matter, but when it comes down to life or death, we can surely make a large effort.

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