According to Deseret News in Salt Lake City, this year the DEA made one of the largest drug busts in Utah history. The Drug Enforcement officials seized fifty-seven pounds of meth amphetamine, all in one vehicle. The wholesale value of these drugs was around $650,000 and the street value ranged between $4 million and $6 million.

Per reports, the purity of this quantity of methamphetamine was unique, apparently between ninety to one hundred percent pure. Those investigating this criminal set-up believed the meth was produced in “super labs” in Mexico, then smuggled over the border. It is suspected that ninety percent of all the meth found in Utah today comes from these super labs.

The Sinaloa drug cartel in Mexico was targeted in the main, but other cartels were likely involved. In the past year, a lot of meth and heroin has been seized in different drug busts, but this one was the king of busts so far.

Agents purchased the drugs wholesale and then received information that the shipment was on its way to them. They stopped the vehicle before it reached the place where the traffickers were to meet the undercover agents, and the drugs were found hidden in PVC pipe and in the ceiling of the truck.