Crystal methamphetamine is a stronger and harsher form of methamphetamine. It is more addictive and damages a person much more. The shortened name is crystal meth. It is made by allowing methamphetamine to crystallize, which produces ice-like chunks of the drug. The high lasts longer than cocaine.

How is Crystal Meth Used?

This drug can be snorted or smoked. Regular methamphetamine can’t be smoked as it is too irritating to the lungs and throat. Crystal meth, when dissolved in water, can also be injected, also called “slamming.” These are the most dangerous ways to use the drug and make it the most addictive. The high is fast and intense.

Some people do what is called “hot railing,” where they heat a glass stem until it is very hot, and then placing it over the meth crystals, vaporize the drug and inhale the vapor.

Effects of Crystal Meth Abuse

The person who takes crystal meth will get an initial rush and then usually hours of euphoria after that, with a lot of activity and talkativeness. The heart will beat faster and the body temperature will rise. The users will not feel like eating and yet won’t feel tired.

When a person does what is called a “binge,” he or she will use the drug for days on end, not sleeping or eating. Afterwards, they come down with a crash and sleep for long periods of time, even days. When they get up, they feel depressed. They can act irrationally, being aggressive or paranoid, even violent.

Chronic use of crystal meth damages the body. There is an increased risk of heart attack or stroke. When someone is injecting the drug, they can have collapsed veins, get pneumonia or other diseases.

Babies who have been exposed to the drug while in the womb can be born addicted to crystal meth. They will experience withdrawal symptoms like sleeplessness, muscle spasms and tremors. They can suffer learning difficulties as they grow, as well as problems thinking properly.

The Manufacture of Crystal Meth

Besides numerous meth labs within the U.S., Superlabs operated by Mexican drug traffickers can turn out hundreds of pounds of methamphetamine in each production cycle. The drug is transported into the United States by many routes. In the Philippines, there was what was known as a Megalab, where each week more than a thousand pounds could be manufactured. Facilities operate in Southeast Asia, Malaysia and Fiji.

Handling Crystal Meth Addiction

It is possible to handle addiction to crystal meth, but it is vital that the person is willing to rid his life of the drug. Like addiction to any drug, the addict has to set his mind on achieving recovery. And like any drug addiction, it is not just a walk in the park to come off of crystal meth. However, it can be made as tolerable as possible with the right drug rehab program.

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