Crack, or crack cocaine, is one of the most dangerous drugs of all illicit drugs. A person can become very quickly addicted, and even after only one or two times of taking it the person can desperately want more. Once addicted, life becomes miserable. The addict will eventually lose everything dear to him – family, friends, jobs, dreams for a prosperous and happy future.

Turning to Crime

Too often a crack addict turns to crime to support his or her habit. They have to have a way to get the money to purchase the amount of the drug needed in order to keep them high. The high doesn’t last long and this leads to a vicious circle that it is impossible to break out of without help.

Short Term Effects of Crack Cocaine

When the high wears off, the addicted person will feel depressed and edgy. He or she will have a strong craving for more. Eating and sleeping become secondary and they will not do either of these normal functions much. Their heart rate increases, they have muscle spasms and they can even have convulsions. There have been addicts that become so depressed that they attempt suicide.

Long Term Effects of Crack Cocaine

The effects on the body from taking crack cocaine can have very adverse long-term effects. Some of these are:

>Shortness of breath
>Damage to the heart
>Susceptibility to infectious disease
>Homicidal tendencies

Treatment for Crack Addicts

To find effective treatment (that is lasting) may not seem possible, but it is. You must find the right program that will deal with the person as an individual and give him the tools to stay clean after getting clean. Of course, the withdrawal should be as tolerable as possible and the drug residues that lodge in the body must be eliminated. He must learn a skill set so he can go back into the world and live a drug-free life.

We will find the best solution to crack cocaine addiction possible. We will follow up and ensure things move smoothly and the addict can rid himself or herself of this horrible habit. It can happen! An addict can live a life without drugs.

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