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Exercise and Addiction Recovery

Exercise is a beneficial way to work to overcome addiction. This is clear when many drug rehab programs offer various forms of exercise to be performed while in recovery. Exercise is good because it builds up the body, makes the person feel better and helps clear the mind of all the stress and worry that [...]

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The Alcoholic – How He Thinks and Acts

If you have had a loved one who was addicted to alcohol, you have perhaps found it difficult if not impossible to get him (or her) into a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. Those addicted to drink are obstinate, manipulative and generally drive one crazy with the avoidance of responsibility for their condition. So what [...]

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Sauna Detox – Getting Off Drugs the Right Way

For an addict who wants to leave drugs behind for good, a sauna detox can provide the way to do just that. Toxins and drug residues are stored in the body’s fat cells, ready to be released into the bloodstream and possibly spark cravings. Residual drugs can be cocaine or heroin or even marijuana. Prescription [...]

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Addiction Treatment

With so many in this day and age addicted to drugs or alcohol, it is a real shame that those who embark on addiction treatment at a traditional drug rehab center often relapse soon after finishing the program. Maybe this is why some have given up hope of finding lasting recovery. Only one in ten [...]

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Addiction of the Young

Unfortunately, there are many young people that get caught up in addiction. Whether it is meth, cocaine, heroin or prescription drugs, the devastation caused is almost immeasurable. Dreams are destroyed, which is sad considering that these kids are the future generation. We depend on them to take our values forward, protect our freedoms, and come [...]

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Motivation for Quitting Drugs or Alcohol

We are well aware that an addict is wrapped up in his addiction. Those cravings blot out everything else and he only strives to satisfy them, barely coping with anything else. Family is neglected, jobs are not performed properly, and physical illness is common. However, motivating an addict to enter a rehab is not the [...]

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Addiction and Consequences

Addiction has consequences. Some addicts are well aware that their lives are approaching the edge of an abyss. Some know they already arrived. Yet some are numb to the mess their lives have become and how badly this has affected family and friends. There is usually only three end results to addiction - sobriety, imprisonment [...]

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