Binge Drinking

Binge drinking has become a popular pattern these days in the U.S. Binge drinking is excessive alcohol consumption with the object of becoming intoxicated. For men, this means that they will consume five or more drinks, and women will consume four or more drinks within the space of a two-hour period. However, binge drinking periods can be as long as several days. This kind of alcohol abuse is considered a major health problem in the United States.

Teens and Binge Drinking

Teenagers will do this kind of drinking at parties with others of their age. About one third of adolescents today take part in binge drinking. This kind of drinking is also associated with accidents, violent behavior and other adverse reactions. Young and old have been known to commit suicide after a binge, which can’t be considered unusual since depression often stems from drinking.

Health Problems from Binge Drinking

Where there are a number of health problems from heavy drinking, binge drinking just escalates the problems. There are the unintentional injuries and deaths such as falls, drowning and car accidents. There are intentional harms that come from drinking in this manner, such as sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse and homicides.

Of course, there are the effects on the body from consuming such high amounts of alcohol. Liver disease can be a result, as can high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke.

Heavy Drinking is not Worth It

When addicted to alcohol or if just having a problem with it and finding it hard to stop drinking, it is important to take a look at your life and see where it is headed. There is a lot of happiness out there, which can be obtained without alcohol consumption. Finding a solution to alcoholism or just the urge to drink heavily is vital so you can turn your life around. There are alcohol rehabilitation centers which can help. It could be discouraging to sort through them all yourself. We can find the right alcohol rehab by interviewing you or your loved one and determining the exact right next step.

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