Drug Rehab Centers for Bethesda Maryland

Bethesda Maryland, a city in Montgomery County, has a population (in 2010) of around 60,858. A beautiful and affluent city, it has its own drug problems as the rest of Maryland. The city lies within the Washington/Baltimore High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, which means the availability of illicit drugs is widespread.

It is an unfortunate fact that in Maryland, drug-induced deaths exceeds the national average. The primary drug of abuse in the state is heroin, but prescription drug abuse rises with rapidity. The greatest concentration of heroin addicts is within the city of Baltimore and officials are constantly struggling to get control of the problem. Cocaine is also a significant threat throughout the state, as well as the club drug scene.

List of Drug Rehab Centers in Bethesda Maryland:

  • Suburban Hospital Behavioral Health Services
  • National Institutes of Health

The lack of facilities in the city for the treatment of drug abuse makes parents and addicts turn to other regions of the state for help. A hospital scenario is not always the best way to get through drug rehab. There is also a lack of drug rehabs in Maryland which can treat an addict holistically. Additionally, there are questions about how many Maryland drug rehabs accept insurance, which ones provide residential care and which ones have relapse prevention programs.

An addict that has relapsed multiple times can have a difficult time getting completely free of an addiction. However, it is very possible. There are programs on the East Coast (although few) that provide an alternative to the 12-step program that does not always work for everyone.

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