Anaheim CA Heroin Bust

In 2007, a record heroin bust occurred in Orange County. At that time it was the largest drug bust in California history. Four of the six suspects were from Mexico, having come from their country to distribute drugs and create and feed drug habits.

A neighborhood near the Anaheim Plaza was just recovering from being known as an area where a lot of crime existed because of all the drug dealing going on. During the 1970s and 80s, people would come to this area to buy drugs. Dealers from out-of-state would come to sell their wares.

The city and people who lived in the neighborhood had been working hard to get the area cleaned up, and make it a safe place for their children to grow. But in February of 2007, a quiet home became the scene of one of the largest seizures of Mexican brown heroin up to that time.

There was more than just 121 pounds of heroin. Also seized were 34 pounds of marijuana and three pounds of methamphetamine. The heroin would have provided 700,000 injected doses and sold for almost $6 million. That is a lot of money from a lot of people who, if not trapped in addiction then, soon would be.

In the home were two mothers with children. The four boys and a girl, all younger than ten, were in the home during the arrest, but were asleep. It is a tragic thing when kids are taken from their parents, but this was the case here. And understandable!

Further investigation was underway at the time to determine any ties to Mexican drug cartels. It was very doubtful that the amount of drugs found could have come from six people.

With the availability of these drugs, not only are the young and innocent exposed to very harmful illicit drugs, but recovering addicts are exposed to relapse. It is thus extremely important to find a drug rehab that can provide lasting recovery with the recovering individual confident he or she can truly live a drug-free life.