Amphetamine drugs are a popular drug of abuse both inside and outside of the United States. According to reports by the United Nations, in 2010 the number of people abusing amphetamines outweighed those using opiates and cocaine. Addiction to these drugs can turn a life inside out, a family’s happiness into tragedy and even cause a person’s death.

What Are Amphetamines?

An amphetamine is a drug itself but also a class of drugs. Amphetamines are stimulants and include such drugs as methamphetamine, Ecstasy, Desoxyn, Adderall and Benzedrine. The most prevalent form of this drug is methamphetamine in the United States and abuse of this drug is growing almost daily.

Effects of Amphetamines

You have probably heard of “speed freaks,” a term popular in the 1960s when amphetamine became particularly abused. This is because the drug created such effects as extreme talkativeness, euphoria and mood swings.

Those who abuse the drug take much higher doses that get prescribed by physicians. They are more at risk for the negative effects the drug can cause. Some of these effects are dizziness, anxiety, panic attacks, confusion and aggression. Some may actually act psychotic. Occasionally the abuse of the drug results in a stroke. As a person comes off the high produced by the drug, he often becomes extremely depressed and can have suicide thoughts, or even go through with the act.

Amphetamines are stimulants. They increase blood pressure and heart rate. If a person has a pre-existing condition with his or her heart, serious consequences can result. A person can even die from one dose. The crash experienced from coming down after taking an amphetamine drug can be disastrous, with extreme tiredness, depression and even suicide thoughts.

According to studies done of these types of drugs, amphetamines can create symptoms that are like a mental illness. Violence, hallucinations and psychosis can result. Heavy amphetamine use has terrible consequences and it is vital to get off the drug and get a happy life back.

The False Information about Amphetamines

Too often kids in school obtain false information regarding amphetamines. They are told by their peers that they will be able to stay up all night studying or partying. They are told that they will have unending energy. They are told the high is wonderful or how mellow they will feel. The truth is that the drug is dangerous, addiction can result, and too many times, people die from taking the drug.

Amphetamine Abuse is Worldwide

In the United States, large numbers of meth labs are discovered and destroyed. Producing these synthetic drugs in homes or even automobiles is common and too easy. Because the drugs are manufactured close to where they are sold, it is harder to discover the place of manufacture and makes for less opportunity to seize the goods. This may account for the large number of meth labs in use around the country.

In Europe and Asia, amphetamine production is high and more than eighty percent of all production facilities that were seized in 2008 were in Europe. Eight tons of the drug were seized, but even worse, in Asia fourteen tons were discovered and confiscated.

Treatment for Amphetamine Addiction

When someone you know is addicted to amphetamines, it is time to take action. You need to find an effective drug rehab program that can provide lasting recovery. The possibility of getting off amphetamines is very real, and can be done with a tolerable withdrawal and a thorough detoxification of the body. We can find the right drug rehab that will help your loved one shake this nasty habit and return to a life of dreams that can truly come true.

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