With so many in this day and age addicted to drugs or alcohol, it is a real shame that those who embark on addiction treatment at a traditional drug rehab center often relapse soon after finishing the program. Maybe this is why some have given up hope of finding lasting recovery. Only one in ten addicts obtains treatment. That number is far too low. However, if they could find a facility that could show results and provide lasting sobriety, more would decide to give it a go. Real hope is what is needed because addiction has consequences.

There are drug and alcohol rehab centers that track the person after he or she completes the program. There are others that simply get the addict through the 30 required days and say goodbye, referring them to some outpatient program or counselor to pick up where they left off. Unfortunately, the person isn’t really free of their cravings, and the referred program usually consists of talking and sometimes evaluation for the person on what is wrong with him.

It is the person himself who needs to discover how they ended up addicted to drugs or alcohol or both. Until he has a realization about what he has been doing wrong or where he went off the rails, he will not have the ability to avoid making the same mistakes. Treatment has to be individualized, and it has to be the whole package. It has to address in one fell swoop the physical and mental dependency, then teach the person how to live a drug-free life and stay clean.

Addressing the physical aspects of addiction must treat the cravings which can come back to haunt the addict. Someone can just finish a recovery program and be walking down the street and have cravings strike – and they are off the wagon, so to speak, and off hunting for that high again. These cravings are often sparked by drug residues within the tissues of the body getting released into the bloodstream. The toxic residual drugs remain in the fatty tissues until they are flushed out. And flushing them out is not simply a matter of good nutrition. A sauna-based detox can do it. There are drug rehab programs that provide a sauna detox and these can be located with some help.

Research for the best drug and alcohol rehab takes time. Sometimes you will not have the time needed to do all the research you’d like. Time does not stand still, and addiction takes over a life and can end it too. It is best to get some fast help in getting a loved one into treatment. You definitely need help if the person is refusing treatment. Intervention is an option.

Call us. We will help. We can also find a professional interventionist who can help. There is no time like the present, and an addict needs help now! Call today!